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You may have to pay a small amount both to the Purohits who conducted the marriage and the guide, who has taken you around the temple. You can also donate some amount to participate in the "Anna Dhanam" Feeding the Needy. The temple authorities provide free food to poor people on daily basis. Goddess Parvathi also wanted to join this Penance. During those time, this particular place was barren and empty. Hence Goddess Parvathi had converted the heavenly Angels who are considered ever as Virgins into banana trees to give shade and beauty to the entire area.

The word Gili means banana in tamil. Vanam means forest in Tamil. Thus the Lord Shiva is called Gilivanaeshwarar meaning that the Lord Shiva in the midst of banana tree forest.

source site Lord Shiva is also called as "Kathalivanaeshwarar". Here also the word "Kathali" refers to a banana family. Hence it is assumed that the banana trees Kathali meaning banana standing within the temple premises are considered to be the living heavenly angels. Thus a marriage getting solemnized with a banana tree is actually a boy or girl getting married to a heavenly angel who is a virgin at the initial level. When the actual marriage that takes place with their loved ones, the Boy or Girl actually gets into a wedlock for the second time marriage with the Kathali being the first marriage.

Thus their "Kalathira Dosham" gets rectified. Let us see the methods of removing Kalathira Dosham, if a marriage is happend already in our subsquent posts. Sofia Khurana 24 August at Popular posts from this blog.

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April 28, Readers must be aware of things to be done and the things not to be done, while doing Pariharam or worshiping the Navagrahas. DO'S 1.

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Do the Pariharam on the designated days, time and horas; as this would bring tremendous results. Fasting is advisable but not compulsory. But the restriction on the intake of foods that instigate the mind should be maintained. Pariharam and sexual thoughts and actions does not travel in a parallel manner. Hence avoid the Pariharam on the day, if you had done any sexual acts after the Sunrise. Distribute prasadam that are offered to Navagarahas to everyone, if you had done puja for removing the doshas. Worshiping or doing Pujas for Navargahas without even looking at the presiding deity would deliver complete negative results.

DONT'S 1. You should not treat the Navargrahas either equal or greater than the Lor…. The baby did not cry loudly, maybe muffled sounds and I couldn't hear it! I could hear the doctors discussing about my adhered placenta and that I had previous 2 missed abortions. From this I could clearly understand that the baby is out but they haven't shown the baby to me! Too many things running in my mind about the baby.

How will I react if it's a boy? Will I still accept a boy baby? Will it be a girl? How will she look like? Did the cord choke the neck too much? Has the cord moved away from the baby? Will the baby be covered in a white coating? Is it even legal to ask the sex now? Me: aunty what baby is it? Doc: what you wanted? Me: uh?

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Astrologer told that I have mangalya dosham. Granted this. One may ask why should Mars be considered to be evil only when it occupies 1, 2, 4, 7, 8, or 12th position Irom Lagna or Moon or Venus? Uthara Rajju: Uthara Rajju is represented by the torso. Food review will be displayed soon on my microblog.

Wait she is being cleaned. I will show you. Me: Hi kutty baby!!

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How does one provide the safe cocoon of a Mother's Womb after the baby is born? Before the event I wanted to try out their products so I bought the rice mix and I used it along with my regular rice and so it's been almost a month since I started using this fortifying rice mix with vitamins and minerals. The taste of the rice has not changed and the taste of the chapati is not changed. And my little baby also eat the same rice so it's absolutely safe for kids above 6 months. I couldn't take it any longer and really wanted to talk about this someone. The doctor told I'm little depressed, she actually congratulated me for keeping my senses sane all these months.

suggest me remedies for manglik dhosham and v don hav rajji porutham also

As I found out, she suggested me to stay occupied and have a positive approach towards life. After I reached out to her, I started feeling more positive towards life and things are happening towards a positive solution hopefully. Fingers crossed. Well that's how I felt and still feel. I have found out that I could actually do a lot of things properly in the given time duration. Managing a full time work, research work, blogging, being bumpadum city rep, meeting people, putting up stall all this with a little twister at home. A big thanks to my mom without whom I wouldn't be able to multitask. Fingers crossed..

But staying positive is the toughest. The problem may still exist, many might still be affected by the problem but the way to approach it changes.

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You will come out stronger and might discover a new YOU. LO is fascinated by the fishes and happily wraps herself in it. The word great is mentioned so many times in the book which is actually the fun part. I have seen many people who blow their own trumpet and get mocked about indirectly.

I hate such self pride. Happy Daughter's Day! I was very sure that I will not be able to come to terms if I had a boy. When I was pregnant everyone were telling that it's going to be a boy and blah blah blah..

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I was definitely affected by those words. I some how tried to make up my mind for a boy and went for delivery. I couldn't move post c-sec. So I couldn't see her properly. Only after seeing her private part I believed that it is indeed a girl! Vaishali - Supermom Lifestyle 21 hours ago. Vaishali - Supermom Lifestyle 1 day ago.