Kalathra dosham in astrology

Kalathra dosham in astrology?

Read more. Dreams are the waves in your mind sending a signal to be happy on a positive note or caution you to be on your guard. The unresolved problems that disturb you in your waking life, the fear entrenched in sub-conscious mind, the inner unfulfilled desires may find a route to express in the form as said by Freud's theory.

The pious will get intuition. All of us long for our happy moments to be stretched to the maximum - be it a bridal seeing, wedding, sealing a contract, project, a long journey, business, building or purchasing a house, etc Hence it is a must to find out whether the day is auspicious or not. Our endeavour is always focussed at success and nothing else. Here success is assured of if you pick and choose the appropriate time. Here you have a vivid images of glitz, glamour and fame. It is the best profession preferred by the youth.

A very few job profiles could raise your status, name and fame across the boundaries. Do you want to work under the proverbial limelight? Have you been waiting for long to make a break in Tinseltown? Are you charismatic like Naida, Nereida or Elen? Do you feel proud of your brawny physique? No obesity crisis. No need for gym. Enjoy your journey from scrawny to brawny. Team spirit, health, confidence, decision making and mental strength are built up if you are inclined to. It is not a blurb to whet your appetite, but a….

Why do you jettison the desire of wealth as avarice? Here you find out the astrological marvels behind the horoscopes of the rich. Our intention to be happier is intervened by various factors such as theft, murder, marital discord, cheating, eve-teasing, defamation and ….. Here is a place where you seek a solace and get a new lease of life… a Lord Justice is waiting to have his say in a just way.

A hale and healthy thinks of his life on earth is for enjoyment. It is human to explore joy of heaven in its variety on earth. On his pursuit, he rejects the warning signals sent as a caution to take care of health, which is a primary source of happiness.

Remedies for dosham (part 5) / Kalathra Dosham

A headache makes us think of our body which is uncared for long. Next our eyes turn to thank doctors, heaven-sent healers for our safety. The widespread sea creates an awe in the mind of all of us.

Kalathra Dosha And Its Effects

The poets get inspired. Youth enjoy life. Children spread a joy in playing around. The air is full of mirth, mystery and wonder. There is a soulful plea, we feel, to have a ride in the waters. The sea transports us to forget our presence to linger in the world of the swimmers. Though it seems to be easy, a tough training must have made them feel so light. They kindle the inner fire of a man to be carefree flying in the sky.

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The inquisitiveness in watching and knowing of birds, result in the invention of airplane. The desire to explore the space, deeply gets into the skin gives way for astronauts. Though they defy the cosmos let us read which astrological nuances help them in their pursuit for touching the space.

Here is a language which never discriminates the learned from the unlettered, the champion from the loser. On its journey to transform the angry, proud and arrogant side of human, it takes a rainbow hue. Be proud to be a singer. With agile, swift move the ballerinas play a magic on stage gradually catching the eyeballs of the viewers to feel the oneness with the dance. The dancers exude a kind of charisma with which they leave a pleasant trail having a lasting impact on our minds. Is it so easy to forget it and involve in other acts?

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Financial problems or debts. I did the Raghavendraswamy puja fast for 7 thurdays with a complete faith that he will definitely solve the problem in 3 months. Influence of weak, retrograde Vakri or planets in combustion Asta or planets in Sandhi- Kaal in 7th house in a birth chart. Today, delaying marriage has become an increasing trend among women and men in a career in the United States because they give preference to the building of their career. Old traditions and superstitions in an arranged marriage.

The planets play a crucial role in the physical, mental make-up of the dancers, say the astrologers. How can we feel the heaven on earth? Visit Ajanta, Ellora caves — the 17th century architectural marvels in Aurangabad. The great paintings challenge us to penetrate their mysteries and to appreciate their riches. The stunning tattoos — three eyed owl, Medusa, Starfish, Akuma Explore them in detail here.

In my opinion, if one or more of these planets Jupiter, the significator of marriage for female, Venus the significator of marriage for male, Mercury, and Lagna or Lagna lord are powerful. Benefic Planets having natural beneficial and positive influences, opposite to malefic planets are posited in Kendra or Trikona in the astrological birth chart A diagram showing exact position of planets in signs at time of birth of an individual prepared with the help of time, date and place of birth with no malefic Unfavorable, opposite of benefic aspect, marriage will not be delayed. Unfortunately, due to various unavoidable factors, sometimes there is delay in marriages.

What are the preventive measures he or she has to take to avoid any delay? The answer to this question is not simple and may include many logical factors such as:.

Sevvai dosham pariharam

The uncertainty of jobs in the IT sector or Multinational companies,. The job of the individuals in different locations, inability in taking quick decision. The preference to build a career. Today, delaying marriage has become an increasing trend among women and men in a career in the United States because they give preference to the building of their career. But the one mystical factor that could also play a big role in the delay of marriage is astrology The study of the influence of celestial bodies on earth and humans compatibility by date of birth, i.

There are many factors I would like to mention here which may cause a delay in the arranged marriage of a person, they are as follows:. Over busy in higher studies. Over busy in the profession. Over choosy. Highly educated. Extraordinary appearance. Inability in taking a quick decision. Financial problems or debts. The difference in financial status.

Old traditions and superstitions in an arranged marriage. Dowry system in India. Non-tolerance of inter-caste or inter-religion marriages in India.

http://staging.vclean.life/light-and-shadows-a-dimensional.php Influence of weak, retrograde Vakri or planets in combustion Asta or planets in Sandhi- Kaal in 7th house in a birth chart. Mars, Saturn or Rahu posited in places: 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th Manglik dosha in case of Mars may be a common cause for a late marriage. Ascendant Rising of a zodiac sign on the eastern horizon at the time of birth, placed in horoscope of a native, as 1st house is most important in calculation and prediction stronger than the seventh house and either seventh house or seventh house lord hemmed between the Paap Grahas Paap Kartari Yoga.

Due to all the planets hemmed between Rahu or Ketu i. If weak or ill-placed Moon, Venus or seventh lord having their connection with Rahu, Ketu, Saturn or Mars are present in the birth chart of the native One who takes birth, this word is used for astrology purpose , marriage may be delayed. Transit Movement of planets in the sky in real time of planets in unfavorable houses may play an important role in delayed marriage:.

Weak and Debilitated A planet posited in specific degrees in a sign with fall in power and energy is known as its debilitated sign. This is the 7th sign from the sign of exaltation and opposite to exalted Venus posited in the sign Virgo in any house. Afflicted A planet having unfavorable aspect Venus in Navamsa Chart. If the 2nd house is occupied by malefic planets or moon conjuncts Saturn in the 2nd house with no aspect of benefic planets Shubh Grah such as the planet Jupiter, there are chances of delayed marriage.

Here I am making an attempt to reveal some detailed astrological reasons for delayed marriage, one of the important Dosha is known as Kalathra Dosha:. Role of 7th house which is associated with the marriage, married life of a person or the 7th house lord in one or more following combinations:. Planets in the 7th House and there is no auspicious planet Shubh Graha present in Kendra or Trikona:.

As per astrological studies suggests that the placement of one or more malefic planets i. Mars, Rahu or Ketu in the 7th house is one of the major reasons for a delayed marriage. Also, the placement of the Sun in the 7th house indicates a late marriage. If the planet Saturn is posited in 7th house, afflicted by other malefic planets, have no auspicious aspect of Shubh Graha, effects are as follows:.

Kalathra dosham in astrology what rules

There are other reasons such as when the birth moon is posited with the malefic planet Saturn in the 7th house and the 7th lord is placed in the 12th house, a delayed marriage may be predicted. Also if the 5th house lord and the 7th house lord mutually aspect each other or conjunct Two planets posited close together, in the same sign together and there is no aspect of the Shubh Graha, then a love marriage or an inter-caste marriage may be predicted with some problems, though delayed.

If the planet Venus is debilitated or conjuncts the sun Venus in combustion and the moon in 7th house a late marriage is certainly on the cards. The possibility of late marriage is even indicated when:. Also, it is said that Venus is an enemy of the sun and the moon.

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Therefore if Venus is placed with the malefic planets in the sign of the sun or the moon, i. Leo and Cancer then a possibility of a delayed marriage may be predicted. So with the reasons behind a delayed marriage being spelled out, the question to be asked is what are the remedies to this problem?