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Listen to the end for how to enter. Also, if you share your review on Social Media and tag us as well as emailing weirdlymagicalpodcast gmail. FOUR great prizes. Not only this but we answer a great listener question. Sagittarius Full Moon June 17th Magic Carpet Ride. Jen and Lou rap about the energy of the magic carpet ride that is June and the Sagittarius Full Moon. The ladies give suggestions for navigating this intense, crazy, insane but magical time leading into July's Eclipses.

Gemini New Moon June 3rd Changing Perceptions. There's also a special message from the Akashic Records. Lots of perceptions are likely to be changed this month and especially on this lunation. Scorpio Full Moon Podcast. Flooding and Erosion! Floods, disease, erosion and raw earthly power and transformation is coming. Strength and courage are needed to allow the energy of this to work its magic. Plus we answer a magical listener question about the Lunar nodes.

Taurus New Moon May 4th Joyful Manifestation Time!

TRIAGE for the BATTLE-WEARY! Solar Eclipse New Moon in Cancer July 2019 Astrology Horoscope

Jen Duchene and Lou Edington rap about the challenging, yet joyful energies of manifestation beneath the collapsing Patriarchal institutions. What are your core values? What really matters to you? Libra Full Moon April 19th Not Me, Us. This upcoming Full Moon is the second Libra Full Moon in a row and is the beginning of another phase of change.


Listen to Jen and Lou rap about this lunation, the energy around it and answer a listener question! Astrology of the Aries New Moon We are being rebirthed after a long period of release and integration and there is a lot of change coming in the lead in to the New Moon harking back to the early part of October Libra Full Moon. Pink Moon. She Rises. Listen to Jen and Lou rap about the divine feminine rise and healing of the divine masculine that is amped up on this lunation! The aptly names Pink Full Moon is full of possibility. Pisces New Moon Change and Chaos. The Pisces New Moon on Mar 6th is part of a vortex of change and chaos over the time before and around it with Mercury stationing Rx and Uranus entering Taurus to begin a new 84 year cycle. Listen to Jen and Lou rap about this vortex of chaos and how it's an opportunity to step into something amazing and magical. Full Snow Moon Feb 19th The Patriarchy is f ked.

In this episode Jen and Lou rap about the upcoming Full Moon and the other shifts in energy that lead into it.

Use them wisely! Aquarius New Moon Feb 4 Fire It Up!

SOLAR ECLIPSE – 2 JULY 12222: The Past Is A Strange Place

July 31st 12pm PST. What a powerful lunation. It's definitely time to raise that lightness and joy and start howling at the Moon! Eclipses Again! Jen and Lou rap about the upcoming Eclipse and how it's time to roll your sleeves up and get to work.

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They look at Astrology, Numbers and more! Cancer Full Moon.

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The solar eclipse December astrology is very fortuitous because Fixed star Polis at 03°28′ Capricorn gives success, high ambition. Solar Eclipse in Cancer July , Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn. Or, skip to Solar Eclipse in Leo Horoscopes . Partial SOLAR Eclipse January 5 at at 15° Capricorn 25; Total SOLAR Eclipse July 2 Annular SOLAR Eclipse December 26 at at 4° Capricorn 07; Penumbral LUNAR Eclipse.

Radical New Beginnings. Sagittarius New Moon Dec 7th Wondering and Breaking Free! In this episode Jen and Lou rap about the last new Moon of and wow it's one that really launches us into the future. The North Node facilitates the manifestation of our future not entrapment in the past. With Mercury turning retrograde in Scorpio on 31 st October, this is no time for obfuscation to escape the pain of waking up. What we avoid at this moon may well come back to slap us in the face in November!

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It can hurt to be confronted with the fact and consequences of our denials, deceptions, avoidance and projections. But when we refuse to dramatise that pain into a crisis it can eventually subside, leaving the fresh air and space of a psyche cleansed of emotional debris.


Uranus opposing this moon offers exactly this freedom. For many, recent times have been extremely intense and the future looks like more of the same. But this moon reminds us respite and relief exist right here, right now. We can face what we must and still prevail. Then we are truly free. On 31 st October at UT, Mercury turns retrograde in the 28 th degree of Scorpio and remains so until 20 th November It will dig as deeply as needed to reach the root of an issue. Polite chit-chat is not the domain of Mercury in Scorpio. Be prepared for some uncomfortable but enlightening conversations!

Conjunct Venus as it about-turns, this retrograde phase is well placed to expose the deceptions in our relationships, illuminating where we subtly — or not so subtly — play with the truth to retain control and stay safe. We may, of course, resist such revelation with all our might.

However adept we may have been at maintaining a smoke-screen or pulling the wool over certain eyes, this Mercury retrograde could change all that.

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February is when your confidence and self-discipline really starts to surge, as Mars transits Capricorn, so this is an excellent period for asking for a promotion, or for seeking a new job if you so wish. Seeking favor from those in a position of authority. Perhaps it's not about transcending it all, so much as maintaining a solid stance that allows you to keep from blowing away. In fact, focusing on work will be helpful to you if other areas of your life are in a state of flux, so throw yourself into getting the job done and doing it to the best of your ability. Plenty of opportunities will present themselves too — this is a year for striving toward happiness and well-being. Karmic cleansing must be applied.

It has less power that way. And its revelation may just transform it into a more wholesome force in our lives, no matter how mucky it appears on first exposure to the light of day. Look upon them as a release of stale breath held tight for years. This planetary alliance reminds us how resilient we really are and how the power of realistic positivity can bring us through what at first appears insurmountable. So whatever may be upper-most in your life during the month to come, remember the following will carry you through: hope in the potential for change, faith in your ability to rise and commitment to using even the sharpest challenges as fuel for the journey ahead.

With Mars now journeying through Libra and Mercury preparing to turn retrograde in Scorpio at the month end, […]. Or we may have missed an opportunity to recalibrate a significant relationship and move things […].

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Virgo is a deeply healing sign imbued with ancient knowledge often lost to us in favour of modern reductionist approaches to health. Whilst different models […]. With its ruler, Uranus, having turned retrograde on 11th August and now squaring Mercury, it […]. Given the challenges of the eclipse season which ended on 29th July, this is something to celebrate! After much self-analysis and the illumination of some thorny issues, we can now relax into […]. At a. Neptune stations […].