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Legends maintain that the sound of the bell can actually positively affect the environments surrounding each of us. These sounds ostensibly purify the molecules of our external space and acts as a strong and powerful detoxifier of existing negative energies.

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Green is believed to be able to harmoniously offset the intense heat caused by all the fiery red seen at this time of year. As well, green promotes peace and plenty, while evergreen itself is said to absorb negative vibes loitering around the house.

Hanging an evergreen branch or bough on the outside of the entryway door has long been believed to keep negativity and evil at bay while inviting in more peace and prosperity. You can think of this as a totally magical approach to going green for the holidays! Ironically, according to this philosophy, the pig symbolizes sufficient food, prosperity, safety and fertility.

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Therefore it is also believed that if you display a small statue or an image of a pig the fatter the better! But I am more inspired to share another kind of airplane Shui today. Keep a few cotton balls drizzled with chamomile oil in a plastic baggie and sniff it whenever the need arises. Lavender acts as an antiviral and antibacterial while the chamomile calms. Up, up and Feng Shui!

Nine Star Ki Feng Shui Astrology: Part 1

And there is more magical lore that says that chocolate foods in any form can increase our own ability to give and receive both money and love. A combination of money, chocolate and love sounds like a little slice of heaven to me! Drinking a cup of warm water with the juice of one half fresh lemon in the morning will not only kick start your entire digestive system but the Vitamin C will bring a big boost to your immune system as well.

For me though, the single biggest benefit to indulging in this morning mix is the balance it brings to the overall acidity and pH of the body.

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A balanced and alkaline body fights inflammation and disease while fighting weight-causing cravings too. Although you might think it would be sour, this tip is really sweet! In this case, I guess it really does make sense that monkey see and then monkey do — for you!

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Is there such a thing as being too available?

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Ellen Whitehurst. bagua guide to feng shui Faux Stone Sheets, Mindful Living, Feng Shui Basics, Chinese animal astrology, Flying Stars and much more. The amazing Ellen Whitehurst has dished out some of the best business So I'll use Feng Shui and astrology and numerology and alternative.

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